Wound Care Products


My suggested wound care products. Click on any products to ORDER ONLINE

MediHoney is a great agent to speed up healing. It works just as well, if not better than Santyl. It is much more affordable. I usually tell patients to apply to the wound once a day.

MediHoney is sometimes used instead of a topical antibiotic ointment.

Silver Alginate is also a good product to absorb moisture and create a mesh grid environment for healing. Silver is a natural antimicrobial. This would be changed every 2-4 days. It can be combined with the MediHoney.

Keeping the wound clean and dry will need lots of gauze. Great deal to order online.

Saline wash is used before application of any wound care product. This is a way to clean the wound. Dry well after use.

Betadine is used for really wet wounds. It is great between the toes or macerated skin.

Finally, nutrition is very important. You need to give your body the nutrition needed to heal. Plenty of studies site this fact. Juvien is a great nutrition boost.

Wound care products I frequently recommend.