Dr. Kolodenker offers consultations in Irvine, California for legal Foot and Ankle cases.

We also perform Independent Medical Evaluations for Foot and Ankle legal matters.

If you think that you’ve been harmed by a Podiatrist, please email us. FootPain@gmail.com

Our practice is located in Irvine, California – Southern California.

Dr. Kolodenker is located in Southern California. He is a medical-legal expert of the Foot and Ankle.

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Dr. Kolodenker is a board-certified Podiatrist in practice since 2011. His deep knowledge of podiatric medicine and surgery makes him an invaluable asset for both plaintiff and defense attorneys seeking expert opinions and testimony.

Beyond his medical prowess, Dr. Kolodenker possesses a comprehensive understanding of the legal system. He is well-versed in the complexities of medical-legal cases, ensuring that the expert reports and testimony are both medically accurate and legally sound.

Dr. Kolodenker is committed to providing meticulous documentation and medical records analysis. He leaves no stone unturned, conducting detailed reviews of patient histories, treatment plans, surgical procedures, and post-operative care to provide a complete and unbiased assessment.

Our practice is committed to staying at the forefront of podiatric medicine. Dr. Kolodenker continually updates his knowledge and skills to incorporate the latest treatment techniques, technologies, and research findings into his assessments.

When you need a trusted podiatric medical legal expert, Dr. Kolodenker is here to provide the highest level of expertise and professionalism. Contact him today to discuss your case or schedule a consultation. FootPain@gmail.com

Whether you’re an attorney seeking a reliable expert witness or a plaintiff seeking justice, you can count on Dr. Kolodenker to deliver accurate, impartial, and compelling podiatric medical legal services. Trust him to be your partner in navigating the complexities of foot and ankle injury cases.

Foot and Ankle Surgeon in Huntington Beach - Southern CA
Dr. Gennady Kolodenker

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