Best Plantar Fasciitis Products



There are so many products online. I will let you know the must have essentials to treat your heel or arch pain. Click on any product to Purchase Online.

To treat plantar fasciitis you must support the arch and stretch. The two must happen together.

A great arch support is SuperFeet. The green color is most supportive. If it hurts your arch, try blue or berry color. Buy based on your shoe size.

Stretching with a Night Splint is super easy. You can wear it at night or behind a desk. It is not meant to walk with. Do not worry if you only wear it for an hour at night, they are not very comfortable.

Using an achilles stretch assisted device can also relieve symptoms.

Localized stretching on the plantar fascia using a roller or your hand is way better. Be sure to point your toes up in the air when stretching the fascia. Same when rolling on the ground, point those toes up.

A stretching video is found at the bottom of the page.


If pain continues, be sure to see your Podiatrist.

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