Foot and Ankle Trauma Surgeon in Orange County

Avoid going to the emergency room or urgent care by seing a Foot and Ankle Surgeon Specialist Physician in Orange County directly.

Digital Foot or Ankle X-ray in the Irvine office to evaluate for possible fractures.

I am available for urgent cases outisde of regular business hours. Call the office, and dial x103 outside of office hours

Urgent Cases: Ankle fracture, Severe Ankle Sprain, Fracture of the Foot, Exposed Bone, Dislocation of the Foot or Ankle.

Achilles rupture. Laceration. Infection.

The goal after any foot and/or ankle trauma is to return to the pre-injury level of activity as quickly as possible.

Our office will utilize state of the art modalities to get you functioning sooner.

Early Intervention, Range of Motion and Physical Therapy is crucial to a speedy recovery.

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Dr. Kolodenker is a highly skilled Foot and Ankle Surgeon in Orange County. He is also a board member at large of the Orange County Podiatric Medical Association.

To make an appointment call Dr. Kolodenker at (949) 651-1202. You can also contact him via email

Foot and Ankle Specialist in Irvine and Newport Beach California.

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