Why do Diabetic Foot Ulcers form? How to treat Neuropathy.

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In order to develop a foot ulcer some form of Neuropathy must exist.

About 50% of patients with newly onset diabetes do not know they have Neuropathy.

Ask your doctor to check. The test takes 5 seconds to do and most physicians that treat diabetics can do it. The tool is a Semmes-Weinstein Monofilament.

Diabetic Foot or Ankle ulcers will develop in an area of pressure 99% of the time.

Get rid of the pressure and you will cure the ulcer. Simple!!!

Your body naturally builds up a callous in an area of pressure. Think about what happens to your hands after gardening or sweeping.  Your body has a natural way to protect itself.  Diabetes messes up the protective mechanism.

As your Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) goes up, so does your chance of amputation. Watch your glucose levels!!!! Please.

As the callous grows, the pressure under it continues to increase. Since Neuropathy impedes the ability to feel pain, the increased pressure rubs away a hole in the skin( an ulcer).

Prevent ulceration by preventing Neuropathy.

Prevent Neuropathy by making sure your glucose and HbA1c are within normal limits.

If you already have Neuropathy, diabetic shoes and diabetic specific vitamins help decrease chance of ulceration.

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