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Ankle sprains are very common during sports. They are also frequently occur during daily walking.

A sprain is defined as a pulling of a ligament causing injury.

There are 3 grades of ankle sprains

Grade 1: Some tearing of collagen fibers
Grade 2: Majority tearing of collagen fibers
Grade 3: Complete ligamentous tear, injury

How to pick an ankle brace

Diagnosis of an Ankle Sprain

Hands on physical exam by a trained ankle injury specialist
Ankle stress xrays can be obtained to evaluate the integrity of the ligaments
An MRI can be ordered after the swelling has subsided

Without an X-ray, it is difficult to tell the difference between and ankle sprain and a fracture.

Treatment of an Ankle Sprain in Orange County

Depending on the level of injury will determine the period of immobilization.

Ankle pain is very common after an injury.
The edema and bruising is due to rupture of small artery or vein along with leakage of joint fluid
Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation will usually be implemented
After the edema and pain subside a physical rehabilitation program can be started.
Working with a physical therapist will usually speed up the recovery process.
Surgical treatment will be reserved for high level athletes. There is some evidence to show that rerupture rate after surgical reconstruction is less.

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Walking Boot


An ankle support brace should be worn when doing any form of exercise.

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Ankle Brace


Ankle pain can be of chronic nature after sprains. There are many things that can be done to treat the symptoms.

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Ankle Sprain



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