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The achilles tendon is located at the posterior aspect of the leg. The tendon inserts into the superior and posterior aspect of the calcaneus.

Most patients will state that they heard and/or felt a pop when the tendon tore. There will be edema at the posterior ankle and leg.

A history of traumatic achilles tendon injury and physical exam are usually enough to diagnose a rupture.

An xray is used to make sure that no bones were broken off.

An MRI is sometimes needed to see the extent of the traumatic achilles tendon rupture.


There are two treatment options for Achilles tendon tear:


Surgical and Non-Surgical

Most of the literature states that the advantage of surgical treatment for achilles tendon rupture is the decrease chance of re-rupture.

My preferred method of traumatic achilles tendon rupture is minimally invasive surgical. I also believe that we can begin the rehabilitation and strengthening process much sooner with surgical repair of the achilles tendon.

New technology has allowed us to do most Achilles tendon repairs with minimal incision. Dr. Kolodenker performs a minimally invasive technique to repair a torn achilles tendon.

For a surgical consult of your achilles tendon tear contact our office. We are located  in Orange County – Newport Beach,  Irvine, Orange and Huntington Beach, California.

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Achilles Tendon Anatomy

Is PRP needed with achilles tendon rupture surgery?

There is no data to support the need to place platelet rich plasma (PRP) in the surgical site during achilles tendon rupture repair surgery.

Will a graft need to be placed on my achilles tendon?

The graft can be used if there is a large void in the Achilles tendon rupture. There is a chance of graft rejection and higher chance of infection with graft placement.

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