As the popularity of pickleball continues to surge, it’s important for players to be mindful of their Achilles tendon health. This tendon is pivotal in pickleball, where quick movements and sudden stops are frequent. Today, I want to share two crucial practices to prevent Achilles tendon ruptures, ensuring you enjoy this dynamic sport to the fullest.

Stretching: Your First Line of Defense

The agility and speed required in pickleball put significant strain on your Achilles tendon. Regular stretching is vital. It not only enhances flexibility but also prepares the tendon for the quick, explosive movements of pickleball. Incorporate Achilles tendon stretches into your warm-up and cool-down routines to maintain tendon health and prevent injuries.

The Advantage of a 1/2” Cork Heel Lift in Pickleball

An often-overlooked strategy is adding a 1/2” cork heel lift to both shoes. This simple modification can dramatically reduce strain on your Achilles tendon during play. The heel lift decreases the tension on the tendon, especially during the rapid directional changes that pickleball demands. This small addition to your footwear can be a significant step in reducing the risk of tendon ruptures.

Integrating Care into Your Pickleball Routine

As a pickleball enthusiast, taking these precautionary steps can make a huge difference. Regular stretching and the use of a heel lift are easy to integrate into your routine and can help keep you on the court, playing the game you love, without the setback of injuries.

Stay active, play safely, and remember: your Achilles tendon is as crucial to your game as your paddle and your strategy!

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