Cartiva Joint Replacement Orange County


Treating arthritis in the big toe joint with the Cartiva Joint replacement is revolutionary.


What can I expect after Cartiva Joint Replacement Surgery?

Patients can walk right after surgery

You can drive the next day

Physical therapy should be started in 1-2 weeks after surgery

There is minimal pain

Joint motion is maintained


Should I have my joint replaced or fused?

Studies show that having a joint replacement results in a 93% reduction in pain

The advantage of a replacement is that you can maintain joint range of motion

Healing time is much faster than a traditional fusion

You do not need to be off your feet, walk the same day

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Cartiva Joint Replacement vs Fusion


If the surgery fails, can I still have my joint fused?

Yes, the advantage of this implant is that no bridges are burned

Should there still be pain, a fusion can always be done


How is the Cartiva Joint Replacement Surgery done?

There are videos on my page that show how an implant is placed

The procedure takes about 30-45 minutes to perform


What type of anesthesia is needed?

I usually do this under a light sedation anesthesia

The patient does not hear or feel anything during the surgery


How do I schedule my surgery?

Contact Dr. Kolodenker in Orange County for a Cartiva Joint Replacement Surgery

We have offices in Huntington Beach, Irvine and Orange

(949) 651-1202

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Cartiva Joint Replacement Before and After Picture Shows Increased Joint Space


Last Updated 09-24-2018