Calluses and Corns Causes on the Foot or Toes
The term callus or corn is interchangeable. These skin changes usually develop from excessive pressure. The skin tries to protect itself by becoming thicker.

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Urea Cream 40%

Treatment for Callous and Corns on the Toes or the Foot

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Corn pad

Main goal is to decrease the pressure on the callus. With less pressure there is a smaller chance of recurrence. Soft orthtoics and pads can help.

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Toe protector

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Toe Spacer

Moisturizing frequently

Surgical treatment of painful corns is also an option if a specific pressure area is localized. Contact Dr. Kolodenker for an appointment.

Please contact our office to have your corns shaved down. We are next to Laguna Hills in Irvine and Huntington Beach. For callous and corn care, please schedule (949) 651-1202

Last Updated 11-14-2016