Joint Coalition Treatment

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A coalition can be fibrous or osseous.
These finding are usually discovered because the patient is having foot or ankle pain or notes excessive tripping.
An xray the first line of imaging to diagnose the joint coalition condition
A CT or MRI should also be obtained to evaluate the extent of the coalition.


Joint Coalition usually involves outpatient surgical resection of the coalition and restoration of a joint space.
Early range of motion is important.
High level of success.

Surgical Joint Fusion
If significant amount of arthritis is noted a joint fusion is recommended.

Types of Coalition in the Foot

Tarsal Coalitions
Subtalar Joint Coalition
Talo-Navicular Joint Coalition
Calcaneo-Navicular Joint Coalition
5th toe Distal Interphalangeal Joint Coalition
Most joints can form a coalition, the above noted are most common.

Tarsal Coalition of the Calcaneus and the Navicular bone - Fibrous Calcaneo-Navicular Coalition Surgeon in Orange County

Calcaneus-Navicular Coalition


Last Updated 11-14-2016