Calluses Treatment Orange County and Corns Causes on the Foot or Toes

The term callus or corn is interchangeable.

These skin changes usually develop from excessive pressure.

The skin tries to protect itself by becoming thicker.

To prevent corns and calluses from coming back it is important to take pressure off the area where they sit.

Insoles and Orthotics can help.


Treatment for Callus and Corns on the Toes or the Foot Orange County

Main goal is to decrease the pressure on the callus.

With less pressure there is a smaller chance of recurrence.

Soft orthtoics and pads can help.

Callous trimming and cutting will help decrease pain.

This procedure is easy to do in the office and is pain free.


How to use Callous Remover Pads

The pads can be purchased here. 

Use the pads for 2-3 weeks.

Pads are changed every 2 days. If it falls off, put another one on.

Pads stay on 24/7.

Do not use without clearance from your physician.

These can damage the skin and burn the skin. They can cause infections if not used properly.

Do not use on thin skin.

Shave them down in the office

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Foot Callus

Surgical treatment of painful calluses is also an option if a specific pressure area is localized.

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Last Updated 01-29-2019