Pediatric Flat Foot Treatment, Orthotics and Surgery in Orange County

An explanation by your flatfoot specialist in orange county.

Flatfoot occurs in kids where there is a partial or total collapse of the arch of the foot.

Pain is usually at the insertion of the posterior tibial tendon, plantar fascia, lateral ankle or sinus tarsi.

Children have only a minimal arch at birth and should not be judged till later in life, unless there is pain.

This condition is not painful and generally resolves without treatment.

I usually do not pay much attention to arch height till about 5-6 years of age.

Signs and symptoms of painful flatfoot

Pain when walking or running

Pain in at the insertion of the posterior tibial tendon

Pain at the sinus tarsi

Pain at the lateral ankle

Pain in the plantar fascia

Outward, valgus position of the heel while standing

Awkwardness when walking or running

Pain in shoes


Flat arch

Many infants have a “fat foot” and are mistaken to have flatfeet.

Diagnosis of Flat Foot

A physical exam and history are usually good enough to confirm the diagnosis

X-rays to determine the severity of the condition. Radiographs can also help rule out other conditions.

Advanced imaging is sometimes needed to evaluate insertional tibial tendinitis.

Treatment of Flatfoot

Most often, if the flatfoot is asymptomatic, treatment is not required.

Custom made orthotics may be helpful to prevent further problems from developing.

Surgical management is indicated for a painful flatfoot that has failed conservative treatment.

In severe cases, surgery may be necessary to relieve the symptoms and to correct the foot function.

There are a variety of techniques to treat the painful pediatric flatfoot, depending on the foot type and degree of deformity.

A simple, minimally invasive Subtalar Joint Arthroereisis implant can be very beneficial.

The Subtalar Joint Arthroereisis offers a faster recovery compared to other surgical procedures.

For a surgical consult in Orange county, contact Dr. Gennady Kolodenker, DPM, AACFAS. Our offices are in Irvine and Huntington Beach.

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Subtalar Joint Arthroereisis




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