Ganglion Cyst Surgery Orange County


A ganglion cyst is a benign tumor that is seen in the foot or ankle.

The ganglion cyst can occur after a sprain, irritation or with no history of anything

The cyst is filled with synovial fluid from a joint or tendon sheath.

The fluid is held in a capsule and has a stalk, like a ballon.


Treatment of Ganglion Cysts

Surgical excision or needle aspiration are the main treatments of ganglion cysts.

We can drain the cyst in the office.

We can also cut the cyst out.


What is the advantage of draining the ganglion cyst?

Quick recovery

Minimally invasive


What are the disadvantages of draining the ganglion cyst?

Increased chance of recurrence


What is the advantage of surgical excision of the ganglion cyst?

By removing the cyst, we are able to get rid of the stalk and decrease the chance of recurrence.

This is a same day surgery.

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Ganglion Cyst Surgery Orange County

Ganglion Cyst – Foot

Updated 12-17-2016