Smelly (Malodorous) Feet

The primary reason for malodor in the feet is hyper-hydration. If the feet are kept
in a dry environment and clean then the symptoms will resolve.

If the socks become wet during the day then it is recommended to change your socks
during the work day.

Simple things like drying powders can help keep your feet dry.

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PediFix PediLux4 Deodorizing Foot Cream

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PediFix Podiatrists Choice Soothing Foot Powder

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Foot Wash

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Ultraviolet light


There are also prescription medications which can be applied.

Be sure to let your shoes fully dry after wearing them. Do not wear the same pair
of shoes two days in a row. Check that your shoes are made of natural materials
that will allow your feet to breathe.



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