Infected Ingrown Toe Nail Treatment in  Irvine – Southern California – Orange County California

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The most common cause of ingrown toe nails is improper cutting of the toe nail or trauma.

The toe nail should be cut straight across.

When the nails starts to grow abnormal, then rounding the nail is best.

You will need a sharp, pointy toe nail clipper for the job. Take a look below for options.

Treatment of Ingrown Toe Nails in Orange County – Southern California

Oral antibiotics are usually NOT needed to treat an ingrown toe nail.

When you first start to feel an ingrown nail happening, use a topical antibiotic ointment and cover with a bandaid.

Give this about 3 days, if it is not getting better, see your local Podiatrist.

In Office Surgical Treatment Options for Infected Ingrown Toe Nails

On first occurrence, the incriminating ingrown nail border should be surgically taken out.

Once the ingrown nail border is removed the problem is solved.

The minor surgical procedure is done in the office under local anesthetic.

Once the toe is numb, the procedure is pain free. You can return to work or school the same day usually.

The nail avulsion procudure can also be done at a surgical center under mild sedation anesthesia with the supervision of an anesthesiologist. This route is indicated for patients that have a high level of anxiety.

With repeating incidences of in-grown toe nail, the nail border and nail matrix should be taken out.

By removing part of the nail matrix, the nail corner will stop growing into your skin.

The matrix procedure can also be done in the office. This is a permanent fix to the issue

For a consult on you ingrown toe nail in Orange County contact Dr. Kolodenker located in Orange, Irvine and Huntington Beach – Orange County California.


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