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Another name for a high arch type foot.

Causes of Cavus Foot Disorder

Some people are just born with a high arch foot. More often a high arch foot is related to a neurological condition.

Treatment of Cavus Foot
Symptomatic cavus foot can be treated with either orthotics or bracing.

I usually recommend patients try a prefabricated orthotic that can be purchased online prior to spending the money on a custom one.

Surgical Treatment of Cavus Foot in Orange County
I usually do cavus foot surgery when there are extensive degenerative changes around joints and the conservative treatments have failed.

Cavus foot surgical options can be discussed in the office.

Typically during cavus foot surgery the arch is reconstructed by breaking bones and using screws for stabilization.

Cavus Foot Surgeon in Orange County - Southern California

Cavus Foot


Last Updated 11-15-2016