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Although PRP therapy seems quite promising in several areas, it is not appropriate
in all cases. A clear understanding of the repair response, the development of
Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, and the variables that may affect the effectiveness of PRP therapy
is necessary to make informed clinical judgments on its use.

Data shows that PRP may be valuable in enhancing soft-tissue repair, wound
healing and bone fusion.

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma orange county best surgeon expert in ankle fractures near me

Walking Boot


PRP Platelet Rich Plasma compression socks to be worn after ankle fracture surgery repair to speed up recovery for a fast healing time

Compression socks to minimize swelling


PRP Platelet Rich Plasma To be worn after ankle fracture surgery repair to minimize swelling and scar tissue

Ankle Sleeve


PRP Platelet Rich Plasma to use after ankle fracture surgery orange county

Knee scooter


I will sometimes use PRP for Plantar Fasciitis, Tendonitis, Non-union Fractures, Ankle Arthroscopy, Wounds, Surgical Joint Fusions.

With the invention of new technology, the cost of in office PRP has decreased.

We charge $300 for the PRP kit in Orange County.

The cost of performing the injection and office visit will be billed through your insurance company.

The procedure takes a few minutes. We draw up about 15mL of blood. The blood is spun down to obtain platelet rich plasma.

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Foot bones


platelet rich plasma to help healing


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