Diabetic Foot Specialist Surgeon Orange County


Important guidelines from your Foot Doctor in Orange County.


Check your diabetic feet for any changes on a daily basis.


Do NOT walk around without shoes if you are a diabetic.


Wash your feet every day with mild soap and warm water. Test the water temperature with your hand first.


Do NOT soak your feet.


When drying your diabetic feet, pat each foot with a towel and be sure to dry between your toes.


Use quality lotion to keep the skin of your feet soft and moist – but do NOT put any lotion between your toes.


Trim your toe nails straight across. Avoid cutting the corners. Use a nail file or emery board. If you find an ingrown toenail, see your doctor as soon as possible.


Do NOT use heating pads or sharp instruments on your diabetic feet.
Do NOT put your diabetic feet on radiators or in front of the fireplace.


Always keep your feet warm. Wear loose socks to bed.


Do NOT get your feet wet in snow or rain.


Do NOT smoke.




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Last Updated 11-14-2017