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A tailor’s bunion causes a bony prominence that results in inflamed bursitis, pain, local redness, and swelling, and is aggravated by various forms of shoe gear. A Tailor’s bunion can be quite painful, not only because the bone is enlarged and prominent, but also because the joint capsule and bursae can become inflamed and dislocated, which can increase the pain level.

Causes of Tailor’s Bunion

The name comes about because tailors sat cross-legged when working. It was thought that the pressure from sitting in a cross-legged position brought on the pain, redness and bursitis.

A Tailor’s bunion is the result of abnormal structural position of the front end of the 5th metatarsal, which is a hereditary condition. In other cases, the 5th metatarsal head is abnormally enlarged and displaced, which is also a hereditary condition. These hereditary structural tailor’s bunion deformities or bony enlargements can result in partial dislocation of the 5th toe. There are some patients who will also have pain, redness, and swelling at this joint because of abnormal bio-mechanical subluxation of their foot.

Narrow, pointed, poorly fitting shoes are certainly the most common aggravating factors in irritating any abnormal structure or bony enlargement of this joint.


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Tailors Bunion Pad

Treatment and Surgery for Tailor’s Bunion

Xrays will be required to evaluate the osseous deformity.

Conservatively, anti-inflammatory medication, padding, shoe modifications, stretching the shoes, and orthotics can all be attempted to eliminate symptoms.

Ball and Ring Shoe Stretcher for tailors bunion and foot pain

Ring and Ball Shoe Stretcher


When conservative treatment has failed or was unsuccessful, then surgical treatment for Tailor’s bunion may be available to the patient.
Surgery usually involves removal of the bony prominence and/or realignment of the bone to allow for the normal function of the joint.

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