Custom Foot and Ankle Orthotics in Orange County

An explanation of custom orthotics by your Orange County Orthotic Expert.

A custom molded cast of your foot is obtained in order to create a device to wear
in your shoes. Orthotics can help relieve foot and ankle pain. The orthotic can even help treat certain
knee, hip, or back pain. Athletic custom orthotics in Orange County are a great tool to help prevent injuries.

I perform a thorough biomechanical exam before creating a cast.

You can purchase pre-made over the counter orthotics online. I like the brands seen below.

The materials that the orthotics are made of depend on their use. We have materials
ranging from stiff for ultimate control to very soft for offloading pressure

Custom orthotics can be made for a road bike or mountain bike shoes. Custom orthotics can also be made for running shoes or dress shoes.
To schedule a consult for custom molded orthotics in Irvine and Huntington Beach, please contact our office in Orange County to schedule with Dr. Kolodenker

It typically takes one to two weeks for the orthotic to be made.

I sometimes recommend patients try a prefabricated orthotic prior to spending the money on a custom one.

Custom Orthotics in Orange County. Southern California. Irvine. Newport Beach

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Last Updated 1-3-2017