Calcaneus Fracture Treatment in Orange County

Advice from a calcaneus fracture specialist in Irvine and Huntington Beach California.

A fracture of the heel bone (calcaneus) is one of the most complicated injuries to overcome.
These severe injuries typically occur after high impact events. It is also import to determine if there were any other injures during the accident.

If there is very minimal displacement of the calcaneal fracture fragments, then casting can be performed.

Surgery for Calcaneus Fracture in Orange County

The goal of calcaneus fracture surgery is to recreate the articular surface of the subtalar joints. Timing of surgery is important. Secondary to edema, there is an increase for soft tissue complications.

I prefer to do my surgical correction with a minimal incision approach.

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Recovery after calcaneus fracture surgery

The patient will spend a few weeks not walking on the surgical site in order to prevent displacement
Full recovery can take up to one year.

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Calcaneus Fracture


Last Updated 11-14-2016