Adult Flatfoot Treatment – Surgery – Orthotics in Orange County

It is fairly simple to see if you have a flatfoot. Most people that come into my office already know that they have flat feet.
People can look at their family members and figure out where the flat foot gene came from.

Having flatfeet in itself is usually not a problem. The problem occurs when your feet begin to hurt and posterior tibial tendonitis develops.

Most patients will complain of general foot fatigue, leg pain, foot and heel pain, ankle pain, and discomfort with prolonged standing.

If a symptomatic flatfoot is not addressed early it can lead to degenerative changes in the joint and chronic pain and disability.

Adult Flatfoot Treatment Products

The first step will be to take tension off the posterior tibial tendon by a varus wedge in a custom arch support.

Custom orthotics are a great first line of treatment.

Much like prescription glasses, orthotics work only when they are worn.

For more advanced stages of flatfoot there are ankle braces that can be made.

If all the conservative treatment has failed and you continue to have pain, then surgery can be discussed.

The goal of flatfoot surgery is to decrease pain. An arch will usually need to be recreated. Healing time after surgery depends on the procedures performed.



Last Updated 11-9-2016