Lisfranc Injury – Fracture – Dislocation

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Lisfranc joint injuries are often misdiagnosed. Typical signs and symptoms
include pain, edema and the inability to walk. Clinically, these injuries vary
from mild sprains to fracture-dislocations.

X-ray showing diastasis of the normal architecture confirm the presence of
a severe sprain and possible dislocation. Negative standard and weight-bearing
radiographs do not rule out a fracture.

A CT Scan or an MRI is usually needed for better evaluation.

Patients with fractures and fracture-dislocations should have surgical management.

About 20% percent of Lisfranc joint injuries are missed on initial radiographs.

Early diagnosis of a Lisfranc joint injury is imperative for proper management
and the prevention of a poor functional outcome.

Surgical options are either reduction of the fracture or fusion of joints. Age of the patient plays a role in the decision making. The severity of the injury is also an important factor.




Last Updated 1-03-2017