Foot Fungus



Lots of dry skin and flaking is sometimes seen.

The skin can have small vesicles the build up and look like a pus pocket.

It can feel itchy.

There can be a wet area that is white between the toes.



Topical anti-fungal medication works well to kill foot fungus.

I suggest using Lotrimin Ultra

Foot fungus care and treatment podiatrist orange county

Lotrimin Ultra


Keep Fungus Away

Fungus grows in a dark, warm, moist environment.

To keep fungus away you will need to do a few things.

  1. Disinfect your shoes
  2. Keep feet dry
  3. Prevent fungal colonization on the feet


Shoe Disinfectants

You will find UV lights to place in the shoe that will kill fungus, mold, bacteria and viruses. These work really well and should be used 2x/week.

shoe sanitizer light fungus sterilizer

UV Light


Keep Feet Dry

You might need to change your sock two or three times per day.

Using an Antiperpirant spray will also help. Be sure it says antiperspirant.

Sprays can be purchased online here. 


Prevent Fungal Colonization

Using natural oils like Tea Tree oil or Eucalyptus Oil will minimize fungal growth.


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Last Updated on 7-30-2019