How to clean out MRSA from your Room and Home – Orange County .

There are lots of cleaning products that you can find at the store. The difficulty is cleaning every possible surface.

Studies have proven that hand cleaning is just not as good as the use of ultraviolet light or hydrogen peroxide fogging.

We have taken the same technology that is used to decontaminate the hospital rooms and implemented it in the home.

Check out the SteriRoom website for more details on MRSA treatment.

Dr. Kolodenker started the company and he can be reached in his office.

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Before surgery, if you have a history of MRSA you will need to be tested and possibly treated if the cultures come back positive. Talk to your doctor about that.

Living with MRSA will increase your chance of getting the surgical site infected and complicating any surgical results.

Clearing out your home from MRSA will likely decrease your chance of post operative infections.

The most effective way to get rid of MRSA is to fog an entire room. There is a company in Orange County that will come to your home to clean out MRSA. The company is called SteriRoom. 

This process will decrease your chance of getting an infection and it leaves no harmful chemicals behind. It has been proven to be more effective than hand cleaning. It is almost impossible to hand wipe your entire room. This is a great option and will give you piece of mind that your chance of infection has been decreased. An absolute must with patients that have a history of MRSA.

It is the same process that hospitals are using in patient rooms and operating rooms to decrease chance of MRSA infection. The fog system will clean out of room and get rid of MRSA.


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