Jones Fracture Treatment in Orange County

 Information from your Jones Fracture Surgeon.

 A Jones fracture is a fracture of the fifth metatarsal at the proximal diaphyseal-metaphyseal junction. These fractures are notorious for delayed union and even non union.

The fracture is located close to the base of the metatarsal. The reason for increased
complications is the decrease of blood vessels. With less blood supply to the area,
there is a decrease of nutrients and oxygen that get to the fracture site.

Fractures to other areas of the 5th metatrsal are not as cumbersome.

Treatment of Jones Fractures

 For patient that are physically active surgical treatment of a jones fracture is the best option.

If the fracture is diagnosed early on, the surgery is fairly simple to do. The procedure is done with percutaneously with minimal incisions.

There are things that can be done for patients with delayed union or non-union of a jones fracture.
We can apply an external bone stimulator to help with bone healing.
Platelet rich plasma has been shown to help with delayed unions in bone fracture like a jones type.
Surgery can be done to stabilize the fracture with a small plate.

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Jones Fracture Delayed Union Surgery