Pediatric Podiatrist in Orange County

Pediatric Foot and Ankle pain and injuries can be treated here by a Dr. Gennady Kolodeneker – Pediatric Podiatrist in Orange County.

We are affiliated with CHOC Hospital.

Dr. Gennady Kolodenker is an Board Certified Podiatrist in Irvine, California.

Dr. Kolodenker is a fellowship trained in Sports Medicine and Surgery.

We specialize in Sports injuries, Flatfoot problems, Orthotics, Ingrown toe nails, tumors, plantar warts.


What are the most common things that go wrong with the Pediatric Foot or Ankle?



Pediatric flatfoot pain is different from the adult type. Painful flat feet are typically treated with an orthotic. If symptoms continue, surgery can be discussed


Ingrown toe nail

One of the most common procedures done in the office. We offer same day appointments for ingrown toe nails. This will minimize chance of chronic pain and infection.


Sever’s disease

Also knows as Calcaneal apophysitis. This is an irritation to the growth plate due to overuse and a tight achilles tendon. Early treatment will speed up recovery.


Growth plate pain

Can happen at any growth plate center from overuse type of injuries.



Tendinitis in children is rare and is typically from overuse. Rest, therapy and shoe gear adjustments will allow for a faster recovery.



Having an x-ray machine in the office makes it very convenient to rule out foot or ankle fractures.


Muscle Strains

Pulled muscles typically heal faster than tendon injuries since there is more blood flow.


Fungal infections

Tough rare in children, it is possible. We offer laser toe nail treatment or topical medication as a way to get rid of toe nail fungus.



Typically foot or ankle tumors need to be surgically removed. If not removed, they can grow or spread.



Plantar warts are very common in Orange County. Being barefoot around the swimming pool, locker room or any other community area increases the risk of getting a plantar wart (verrucae). If the lesions are small, we can freeze them in the office. For larger warts, surgical excision works best.



Early evaluation and treatment will lead to a faster recovery.


Toe walking

Sometimes part of normal development.


Tight muscles

Physical therapy is very helpful for tight muscle relief.

Heel pain

Changing shoes, stretching and orthotics are helpful to relieve pain.



Getting in the same day will allow us to repair the laceration and minimize scarring.



Foot or Ankle sprains require a period of rest. Therapy allows for a faster recovery.

Pediatric Podiatrist Orange County Irvine

Dr. Kolodenker

How do I contact Dr. Kolodenker?

We are located in Irvine, California

Our office number is 949-651-1202

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