Transmetatarsal Amputation

What is a Transmetatarsal amputation (TMA)?

A TMA is a resection of all tissues across the metatarsals of the foot.

The level at which the resection is performed depends on the degree of tissue necrosis.

It is ideal to leave as much tissue as possible.


Why is an amputation done?

An amputation is a salvage procedure.

When there is an infection in the foot, we prevent the spread of the infection with this surgery.

Trauma or cancer can also result in this amputation.


Who is at risk for a foot amputation?

Patients with uncontrolled diabetes

Patients with poor arterial blood flow



Is nutrition important for healing?

You need to give your body the nutrition needed to heal. Plenty of medical studies site this fact.

Protein intake is very important. Vitamins and minerals also help.

Juvien is a great nutrition boost.

Juven Nutrition Drink

Nutrition Supplement Drink


Gangrene of the foot



A few weeks after surgery. Wound open due to poor blood flow.

About 2 months after surgery the wound is healing using local wound care.



About 3 months after surgery. The wound is healed.

What is MediHoney?

MediHoney is a great agent to speed up healing.

It works just as well, if not better than Santyl.

It is much more affordable.

I usually advise patients to apply to the wound once a day.

MediHoney is sometimes used instead of a topical antibiotic ointment.

Medical honey for faster wound healing



What is Silver Alginate?

Silver Alginate is also a good product to absorb moisture and create a mesh grid environment for healing.

Silver is a natural antimicrobial.

This would be changed every 1-3 days.

It can be combined with the MediHoney for a faster healing result.

Silver Alginate wound care product

Silver Aginate

How do I clean a wound?

Saline wash is used before application of any wound care product.

This is the way to clean the wound.

Dry well after use. Best to use sterile gauze to dry the wound.

saline wound wash to clean a wound

Saline Wash


Where do I order bandage supplies?

Keeping the wound clean and dry will need lots of gauze.

To save time and money order online.

Save the receipt and submit to insurance for reimbursement.

You might need a prescription from you doctor to have the insurance refund.

 Wound Care Kit

Bandage Supplies


What should I use on a really wet wound?

Betadine is used for really wet wounds.

It is great between the toes or macerated skin.

Topical Iodine and Betadine are the same thing.

Long use is not ideal for wound healing.

Betadine for wet wounds




Last updated 8-7-2019