Fat Pad Atrophy

What is Fat Pad Atrophy?

When the normal fat deposit in the foot disappears. This lead to increased pain.

You start to “walk on the bone”.

The extra cushion in the region goes away

How to prevent Fat Pad Atrophy?

There is nothing that can be done to prevent atrophy.

This usually happens with age or after an injury.

How to restore the fat pad?

Bellafill is an injectable collagen that can restore and thicken the fat.

Using the medication in the foot is off-label.

What is Off Label Use?

Off-label means the medication is being used in a manner not specified in the FDA’s approved packaging label, or insert

Bellafill fat pad atrophy


Does insurance cover the injection?

No. The office visits will go through insurance, but the medication is not covered. The cost ranges $800 – $1600 per injection.

How many injections are needed?

Typically 1 or 2 injections are advised.

Are there precautions after the injection?

Yes, the patient is in a walking boot for 2 weeks to minimize movement of the collagen.

How long does it last?

The thickened fat pad can last up to 5 years


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