Podiatry Telemedicine in California

The advantage of being able to consult with a Foot and Ankle Surgeon in California.

Dr. Kolodenker is a Podiatrist in Orange County – Southern California.

Consulting with a physician via telemedicine can bring peace of mind along with an expert opinion.

Anyone in the state of California can take advantage of this technology.

How Does it Work?

After paperwork is filled out, the patient and doctor communicate via a video call.

The doctor is able to make treatment recommendations, send prescriptions and give referrals.

Does my insurance cover telemedicine?

Some insurances do cover this service.

Our office does not bill your insurance, but will provide you with paperwork for billing.

Where do I begin?

Contact Dr. Kolodenker via Email : FootPain@gmail.com

You will be sent a few pages of paperwork to fill out and we will schedule an appointment time.

There is no time limit on the appointment. The doctor will take all the time that is needed to answer the patient’s questions.

What is the cost? 

Initial appointment is $150

Follow up appointments are $95

Last Updated 4-25-2017

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