Hoag Urgent Care Foot Sprain or Fracture


Outside of normal business hours, going to a Hoag Urgent Care is a great option for patients with Foot Sprains or Fractures or other Injuries.

An urgent care can obtain X-rays and place patients in a splint or a walking boot.

The urgent care will then contact a specialist, like our office and advise patients to follow up with a specialist.

If you end up going to the urgent care, be sure to give us a call and we’ll schedule you in.


Contact us to schedule an appointment. We have same day appointments available for acute injuries.

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Skip the wait of an urgent care and be seen by a specialist the same day.


Treatment for a suspected foot fracture should start with an X-ray.

If there is nothing obvious on the radiographs, an MRI might be ordered.

An MRI will have far more details.

Hoag Urgent Care Foot Sprain or Fracture 

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Surgery is usually needed in foot fractures that have displacement of the bones.

Our Podiatrists specialize in simple and complex foot surgery.

Ideal time to do foot surgery is when there is minimal swelling present.

Waiting too long makes surgery of the foot more difficult.


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