Laser Nail Fungus Fungus Treatment in Orange County

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We offer laser fungal toe nail treatment at a greatly reduced cost.

The treatment will be offered on scheduled days by appointment only.

What is Toe Nail Fungus?

The medical term for toe nail fungus is Onychomycosis.

When fungus gets under the toe nail it feeds off the keratin.

As the fungus grows the nail will become yellowed, thickened, discolored, dystrophic and possibly ingrown.

Frequently the fungal toe nail will feel painful due to the thickness.

Where does nail fungus come from?

There is fungus all around us.

There is no good medical explanation of why some people develop toe nail fungus, Onychomycosis.

There is usually a traumatic incident that causes the nail to lift up slightly. Once the nail is elevated off of the bed the fungus begins to colonize.


laser nail treatment of fungal nails in orange county best results


What are the treatment options for Nail Fungus?

The treatment options for nail fungus range from topical medication, oral medication and Laser Therapy. Topical medications need to be used for the growth cycle of the nail. The nail typically takes anywhere from 6-10 months to fully grow out. Various topical medications to treat and kill toe nail fungus can be purchased online. Nourish enriched natural anifungal nail polish to kill to nail fungus and look nice and beautiful fungoid tincture topical medication to kill fungus. Another option for treatment is oral medication. Prior to starting oral medication treatment a blood test should be perform to evaluate the function of liver. Medication is taken for a total of 12 weeks, one pill per day. At about 6 weeks the blood test should be repeated to evaluate the Liver function. There is a very small chance of Liver damage. Success of oral fungal nail treatment is around 70%-80%. Finally, Laser Nail Treatment is a revolutionary toe nail fungus treatment that is safe and successful. Success rate for laser nail treatment range from 70%-80%.

laser nail treatment of fungal nails in orange county best results

Nail removed due to thick nail

Does the Laser Fungus Nail Treatment Work?

Yes. The Cutera Genesis Plus Laser and the PinPointe Laser is safe and effective in the treatment of onychomycosis.

Will I see instant results after Laser Fungus Nail Treatment?

No. It takes the toe nail an average of 6-10 months to grow out. While the nail is growing you should start to see a clearing at the base. Sometimes two or three treatments are needed.

Does the Laser Fungus Nail Treatment Hurt?

No. The treatment takes about 5 minutes per toe. The nail starts to feel warm. There is a temperature monitor on the laser.

What is the Cost of Treatment?

Cost depends on the number of toes, sessions and feet done.

1 Nail – $299/session

Less than 5 Nails – $499/session

6 or more nails – $699/session

Does Insurance Cover the Laser Treatment?

No. Unfortunately most insurance plans will not pay for laser nail fungus treatment.

We are able to rent the machine and pass those savings on to our patients.

What Should I do After Treatment?

Use an Ultraviolet Light to eradicate and kill toe nail fungus in your shoes or it will re-infect your feet and toes nails. Keep your nails cut back as far as possible for 2 months. Use a type of nail clipper seen at the bottom of this page.

laser nail treatment of fungal nails in orange county best results

Dr. Vincent

laser nail treatment of fungal nails in orange county best results

Dr. Coyer

laser nail treatment of fungal nails in orange county best results

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