Learn more about surgical options for Bunions.

This site is designed to help answer common questions as it pertains to Bunion Surgery. Please feel free to ask about Tailor’s bunions as well, sometimes called a bunionette.

Before having any Bunion Surgery, be sure to Google your doctor or look on Yelp.

Most of the negative things you have read online are the rare cases.

More information on Bunions is under the Foot and Ankle Symptoms tab.

Help with bunions from a Bunion Surgeon in Orange County – Southern California, located in Irvine.

What is a Bunion?

Bunion splints, pads, cushions, and spacers are available for purchase online.

They will not correct bunion deformity, just relieve pain.

The only way to “fix” the bunion is with surgery.


Before Bunion Surgery, try a soft pad on the side of the foot

Bunion Guard Soft Pad



Keep bandages dry after bunion surgery

Protect bandages after bunion surgery. Easy to shower



Bunion Surgery

Before and After Bunion Surgery Pictures


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