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Most common problems with neuroma surgery is failure and the chance of a stump neuroma.

Great care should be taken to suture the nerve in nearby muscles and decrease chance of stump neuroma formation.

I also perform a Radiofrequency Ablation treatment of the neuroma. This is a no incision type of surgical procedure.

Conservative treatment ranges from wider shoes, orthotics, cortisone injections and even alcohol sclerosing injections.

It typically takes 8 sessions of alcohol sclerosing injections to treat a painful neuroma. Injections are done every two weeks. Once the pain is gone, the injections are stopped.

Causes of a Neuroma Pain

Initial inflammatory reaction resulting in scarring or fibrosis around the nerve.
Compression of the nerve segment occurs.
Flat-feet, high arched feet, high heel shoes, narrow shoes, pointed shoes, and certain repetitive physical activities can result in the formation of a neuroma.

Surgery to Remove the Neuroma in the Foot

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is a great minimally invasive treatment.

Surgical treatment of neuroma may be needed to take out the neuroma for a cure.

excision of a neuroma enlarged nerve in the foot painful neuroma picture orange county



surgical excision of a neuroma with nerve roots to the toes done in orange county - southern california




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